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Cindy Molin
October 30, 2021 | Cindy Molin

New Tasting Room Staff and Nov/Dec Events

* * * * * New Tasting Room Staff and "CEO of Fun" * * * * *

Please welcome Dina Bohn and Chris Vlangas to our Tasting Room Staff.  Both bring a wealth of experience in the food and winery/tasting room industry.  We hope you stop by and meet them soon!

And we are happy to announce that Shelley Estebo will continue in our Tasting Room and will lead the team and be our "CEO of Fun".  She is planning some exciting events where you can enjoy our wines and meet new friends - see below.

 * * * * * November and December Special Events * * * * *

The Tasting Room will be hosting 2 events:

November 19 and 20 - Cove Mesa Vineyard Sangiovese Wines and Lunch (Wine Club Only Event)

1:00-3:00, $40.00 plus tax, per person (no additional club member discount)

This event includes a glass of 2019 Sangiovese, a glass of 2020 Sangiovese along with a special hot lunch entree and dessert.  Contact Shelley at 562-787-9487 for reservations or additional Information.  Seating is limited.

December 10 and 11 - Verde Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Lunch (Open Event)

1:00-3:00, $50.00 plus tax, per person 

Enjoy tastes of [6] 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon wines made by Verde Valley Wineries along with a 3-course lunch.  Contact Shelley at 562-787-9487 for reservations or additional Information.  Seating is limited.


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